Ascanio Salvidio

Salvidio & Partners

Ascanio Salvidio

Business Valuation in Italy

  • Valuation profession: organizations, main players, professionals, Vpos, market size (estimate)
  • OIV the Italian Standard Setter
  • OIV valuation standards and IVS an overview
  • Valuations in corporate law
  • Valuations for taxation purposes
  • (Valuation profession and AI in Italy)

This session will be held in English language.

Session C-2: Thursday, 5 December 2024 I 14:30 – 15:30

Ascanio Salvidio

ACA (ICAEW), Registered Valuer (RICS), Dottore Commercialista (ODCEC)
Salvidio & Partners

Ascanio Salvidio is a chartered accountant and auditor specializing in business and intangible asset valuation, with over 30 years of experience in Italy.

He is a former member of the OIV Italian Valuation Standard Setters (2011-2018).

His firm, Salvidio & Partners (, provides valuation services to clients in both the private and public sectors and serves as an expert witness in civil proceedings. Ascanio is a frequent speaker at courses and seminars on business valuations organized by accounting and audit associations and firms, as well as by universities, chambers of commerce and other entities.

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