Prof. Marc Goedhart

McKinsey & Company

Keynote: Four Principles of Value Creation

  • We explain four principles that financial managers should use as guidance in decision making
  • For each principle, we illustrate how they provide insight for real-life decisions on e.g. corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions and payout policy
  • The principles are universal and we show how they also apply to new, digital businesses models
Keynote: Friday, 6 December, 9:00 − 10:00 am

Prof. Marc Goedhart

is a professor in Corporate Valuation and a senior expert in corporate finance at McKinsey & Company. He has more than 20 years of experience in advising executives on corporate strategy and valuation, mergers & acquisitions and capital structure – across industries such as energy, utilities, pharma & healthcare and consumer goods in Europe and Asia.

He is the author of “Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Valuation of Companies” by T. Koller, M. Goedhart and D. Wessels, which is now in its 6th edition.

He is a member of the editorial board of the quarterly journal McKinsey on Finance and has published in the McKinsey Quarterly and academic journals.

Marc has also been a regular contributor to academic courses in corporate finance and valuation at various academic institutions in Europe.

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